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Streetwise Special Delivery, Inc. is a fast growing courier service company providing local delivery services in Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Monterey Bay Area's, and throughout California.
Streetwise Special Delivery, Inc. provides reliable courier, delivery, and light trucking services.
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Oakland, what can we deliver for you ?

Courier Service Oakland by Streetwise Special Delivery Inc

Ideas come fast here, and so does our same day Rush Rider Courier Service. Delivery within hours or minutes 24/7.
Streetwise Special Delivery Inc. is a safe and reliable courier service serving the southbay.

The City of Oakland Ca. is a multicultural city. It has the Oakland Hills, the Oakland Raiders Football team. It also has Lake Merit where they have festival at the Lake every year. The dining and nightlife caters to what every your likes are.
It also has the Port Of Oakland where ships come in with their cargo from all over the world, because it is an International Port. Streetwise Special Delivery Inc. Courier Service is proud to serve businesses, the community, and its sports teams.
Our courier service delivers same day deliveries 24/7 in Oakland and the surrounding Bay Area cities. Our Oakland Courier service has delivered contracts from players to the Oakland Raders. And Streetwise has been there to deliver emergency equipment to its many festivals.
Our Oakland courier service today maintains route deliveries through out the city of Oakland everyday. Streetwise Special Delivery Inc. An Oakland courier Service you can count on.

Streetwise Special Delivery offers Courier Service in Oakland California and also offers the following services in the following cities:
Courier Service in San Francisco, California
Courier Service in San Jose, California


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  Hours: 24 hours a day/7 days a week  Telephone:408.846.8158 | 800.635.7531   Serving California